Our Story

Badd Boss is a brand that embodies the everyday woman. We are moms, wives, and professional women. We are strong, motivating and confident in who we are. We provide products where all types of of women can tell their story through their tees.

We believe in making a statement, being bold and unapologetic. We are the boss of our own lives and we deserve to look and feel good doing it!

Badd Boss was created in 2021 by thee badd boss, out of my own personal style frustration. I was sick of feeling like I had to dress a certain way because I was a mom or because I owned my own business. I wanted to create a brand that represented me and other bad ass women like me!

We want our customers to have clothes that they can wear over and over again and feel good about doing it!We are headquartered in Georgia but our community spans far beyond that. We have customers all over the country who represent us and our brand every day.

Thank you for supporting us and don't forget its a good day to be BADD.

-Thee Badd Boss

  • Thee Badd Boss